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Sydney Centre

Dame Mary Gilmore

© William Dobell
© William Dobell

Dame Mary Gilmore

Portrait of Dame Mary Gilmore extracted from a larger painting by William Dobell in 1957. Mary Gilmore, along with Ethel Turner and Dorothea Mackellar, founded the Sydney Centre in 1931. Gilmore was a journalist and author who wrote late into life, publishing her final novel at the age of 89, three years before this portrait was painted. She has featured on the reverse of the Australian ten-dollar note since 1993.

Dame Mary Gilmore

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Dame Mary Gilmore

Retrato de Dame Mary Gilmore extraído de un cuadro de William Dobell in 1957. Mary Gilmore, junto con Ethel Turner y Dorothea Mackellar, fundó el Centro de Sídney, eb 1931. Gilmore fue una periodista y autora que escribió hasta una edad tardana, y publicó su última novela a los 89, tres años después de pintarse este cuadro. Está representada en el reverso de los billetes de diez dólares australianos desde 1993.




William Dobell


Sydney Centre  (Sydney PEN)






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