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Portrait of Hermon Ould

© PEN International
© PEN International

Portrait of Hermon Ould

Portrait of Hermon Ould, first secretary of the English Centre (1921-51) international secretary of PEN International (1926-51) and president of PEN International (1941-47). The poet and dramatist Hermon Ould served as the driving force for PEN since its foundation until his death in 1951. He served as secretary to the English Centre from its inception in 1921, became international secretary of PEN International at the Berlin Congress in 1926, and president of PEN International in 1941. During Ould’s time PEN grew from a dining club for writers to an influential international organisation.

Portrait of Hermon Ould

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Retrato de Hermon Ould

Retrato de Hermon Ould, primer secretatio del Centro Inglés (1921-51), secretario internacional de PEN Internacional (1926-51) y presidente de PEN Internacional (1941-47). El poeta y dramaturgo Hermon Ould fue una fuerza motriz de PEN desde la fundación hasta su muerte, en 1951. Fue secretario del Centro Inglés desde que se creó en 1921, se convirtió en secreatio internacional de PEN Internacional durante el Congreso en Berlín, 1926, y en presidente de PEN Internacional en 1941. Con Ould, PEN pasó de ser un club de escritores a una organización influente a nivel internacional.





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