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Poster for the Alfabetos series

Poster created by the Colombian Centre promoting three volumes of a book series created by fifty Colombian writers and edited by Carlos Vásquez Zawadzki, president of the Colombian Centre...

PEN centre:Colombian Centre  (PEN Club de Colombia)

Interview with Carlos Vásquez-Zawadzki

Copy (incomplete) of Andrés Pinzón Sinuco, "El PEN Colombia de escritores busca jóvenes talentos," El Universal, 1 Febuary 2015. In this article the Colombian journalist Andrés Pinzón Sinuco interviews...

Alfabetos Ensayísticos and Alfabetos Narrativos

Front covers of two volumes of Vásquez-Zawadzki, Carlos, ed. Alfabetos Narrativos/Ensayísticos. Bogotá: Caza de libros and Pen International/Colombia, 2013. These books were edited by Carlos Vásquez-Zawadzki, president of the...