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Women's Day performance at Volcano Theatre

Flyers in Welsh and English advertising an evening of poetry, stories and music that was organised by the Welsh Centre and held at Volcano Theatre in Swansea on 8...

PEN centre:Welsh Centre  (Wales PEN Cymru)

Caroline Stockford and Ciwanmerd Kulek

Photograph of Caroline Stockford, on the right, president of the Welsh Centre's Translation and Linguistics Rights Committee, with the Kurdish translator Ciwanmerd Kulek, on the left, during the Her...

Africa Cymru event poster

Poster advertising an event organised by the Welsh Centre that was titled Africa Cymru . This event was held in the town of Criccieth on 23 June 2017 and...

PEN centre:Welsh Centre  (Wales PEN Cymru)

Catalunya: Beth Nesaf? event flyer

Flyer advertising a conference that was co-organised by the Welsh Centre in collaboration with Mercator International and the Assemblea Nacional Catalana titled Catalunya: Beth Nesaf? (Catalonia: What's Next?). This...