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Protesting Chinese lease of Vietnamese territory

Electronically typed call to action from the Vietnamese Abroad Centre to the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Oviedo, 6 June 2018, in bulletin HS: 2018/TB/KT03, ff....

PEN centre:Vietnamese Abroad Centre  (Văn Bút Việt Nam Hải Ngoại)

Puerto Rican Centre offering workshops and lectures

Bulletin written by the Puerto Rican Centre, September 2014, f.1. This bulletin describes a workshop titled Taller avanzado de poesía, given by poet Hamid Galib, and a lecture titled...

PEN centre:Puerto Rican Centre  (PEN Club de Puerto Rico)

Hong Kong Chinese-Speaking Centre's bulletin

Copy of The Hong Kong Chinese PEN Centre Bulletin, (November 2002), ff. 7. This bulletin reports on the activities undertaken by the Hong Kong Chinese-Speaking Centre throughout 2002.

PEN centre:Hong Kong Chinese-Speaking Centre  (香港筆會)

Pierre Emmanuel's declaration as president

Bulletin published by the French Centre in Paris, September 1973, f. 1. In this bulletin Pierre Emmanuel, president of PEN International (1969-71) and president of the French Centre (1973-76),...